Twin fiddlin' with Hope Grietzer

Kathy loves to join fiddle forces with Hope Grietzer.  Together, Kathy and Hope create a rich synergy of driving rhythm and soaring harmonies.

Sound clip - The Faraway Waltz  (by Pete Jung).

Originally from Johnson City, NY, Hope fell in love with fiddle music in college, playing in the Geneseo String Band under the leadership of ethnomusicologist Jim Kimball.  She now lives in Owego, NY and keeps a busy schedule performing and teaching. Hope is a Rocky Mountain Region Fiddler of the Year and an inductee to the New York Fiddlers' Hall of Fame. [Visit Hope's web site]

Tom Hodgson

Tom is an excellent guitarist renowned for his outstanding musicianship.  He has worked with many acclaimed fiddle players, including Martin Hayes, George Wilson and Lissa Schneckenburger. Tom is in high demand as an accompanist at contra dances and other events in the Northeast USA and beyond.

When Hope, Kathy and Tom get together, the musical sparks - and the dancers' feet - really fly!

"Three great musicians—dual fiddles and a super rhythm guitar—prove that the whole is more than the sum of its parts!" - Ted Crane, Tompkins County Country Dances organizer and dance caller.

With Hope and Tom at the Syracuse contra dance
photo © Jim MacWilliams 2006

With Hope at a ceilidh dance at Kathy's house
photo © Séamus Davis 2007

Crooked Sixpence at the Ithaca Contra Dance
photo © Séamus Davis 2011

features Kathy on fiddle with flutist Gordon Bonnet and pianist John Wobus. Our high-octane trio specializes in music for contradance and English dance. We will get you out of your seat and up on your feet!

John Wobus is an accomplished pianist who has developed his contradance and English style over nearly twenty years of playing for dances in the Central New York region. He currently plays in a variety of ensembles, including Contranella with his daughter and son-in-law Megan and Charley Beller, Heart's Delight with David Smukler, Laurel Sharp, Eileen Nicholson and Zeke Smukler, and in Rosie's Ready Mix with Hope Grietzer and Curt Osgood. John can often be found with his fiddle at jam sessions in the Ithaca vicinity. [Visit John's site.]

Gordon Bonnet grew up in Louisiana in a French-Acadian family. He has over thirty years of experience playing flute, bagpipes and other winds in a wide variety of styles. Some of his current musical passions include performing French and Breton music with the band Alizé, and playing Galician, Balkan and Klezmer music. Gordon's talent and enthusiasm for music in demented time signatures has led to his publication of two books of Balkan tunes. He is in demand as a teacher of flute, pennywhistle and bagpipes, both at music camps and for private lessons. [Visit Gordon's site.]


When Gordon and Kathy play with guitarist Gail Blake, we call ourselves Serendipity. We are a trio of unlikely, but hopefully very lucky, connections. Gail and Kathy are astral twins, born on the same day, on two different continents. Gordon and Kathy are sixth cousins, linked by our common ancestors from Alsace, France. (Gordon found this out when he discovered Kathy's French grandmother perching on a branch of his family tree!)

Serendipity play traditional music from New England, Québéc, England, Ireland and France for dances, festivals, concerts and special events throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Gail Blake grew up in Ohio and began playing guitar at the age of nine. Her youthful love for country music morphed into a passion for playing traditional styles including Scottish, Cape Breton, Irish and contra dance music. Gail's acclaimed contra dance duo Kitchen Chair, with fiddler Jennifer Dotson, has toured widely across the USA and their unique and captivating swingy style can be heard on their self-titled recording. Gail has taught workshops at a variety of music camps, including Simple Gifts' Folk College and Greenwood Furnace.


photo © Séamus Davis 2013

Schrödinger's Kats with guitarist Tim Ball

photo © Séamus Davis 2013
Schrödinger's Kats

The Kats are Kathy Selby and Andrea Katz, both physicists in one of their other nine lives. Is their music alive or dead? The only way to find out is to make a measurement of their quantum state - come out and hear us play! (Our prediction is that the mixed-state wavefunction will collapse to a high-energy and invigoratingly dance-inducing eigenstate.) The Kats play twin fiddles or fiddle with viola, and work with a variety of fine rhythm players.

Andrea Katz grew up in Texas playing classical violin. At age 15, an uncle sent her a CD of contra dancing tunes and ignited her passion for folk music. Andrea began playing contra dances with her fiddle teacher Mimi Rogers and continued through college, playing with John Roby and Amy Hartman as "Katzenjammin' ". At Ashokan Northern Week, Andrea met fiddler and dance caller David Kaynor, who became her musical mentor and a fast friend. Andrea has taught classses at Fiddlers' Dream music camp. Andrea is currently a graduate student in Applied Physics at Cornell. Fortunately, her advisor is a violinist, so understands the need to escape from the lab and play fiddle! Andre is in great demand as a contradance musican and plays with a variety of Finger Lakes ensembles.


Fiddle and flute meet Taiko drumming when Kathy performs with Seidaiko, presenting traditional Japanese and modern choreographed percussion and movement. Seidaiko is led by Hanshi Olen Lane, grandmaster of Seishi Karate Ithaca. Performance venues have included the Ithaca Festival and the Johnson Museum at Cornell.

Seidaiko at the Ithaca Festival
photo © Seishi Juku Karate 2013